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Write, the right way: The words on your website matter

Almost all business owners understand how vital it is to have good design and UX on their business website. The truth is, many don’t understand the importance of well-written, engaging, quality website content. Mediocre copy that is not SEO-optimized, engaging to the reader, and doesn’t invite them to take action can hurt your brand image, and potentially result in clients looking to your competitors for the answers you failed to provide.

The purpose of website copywriting goes beyond simply stringing a bunch of words together. Creating a lasting impression on your viewers through excellent copywriting will ultimately lead them to engage in the action you want them to, whether it’s to buy a product, read a blog post or subscribe to a newsletter. This should be done using copy that is clear, compact, and concise. Got it?

Creatives Unite.

Copywriting and design are like brother and sister. Creative twins if you like. Although sometimes it seems that they have been accidentally separated at birth. When they are together they achieve great things (sibling rivalry aside). If a user fully understands what to do next and how to navigate the pages, in a simple, captivating way – well then, happy families!

Copywriting is crucial. It adds context to an image and nuance to newsletters. At DMN we understand this, so we don’t split our teams – we get them to collaborate. Designers have to work hand in hand with copywriters, and in facilitating this, the end result will be hard hitting and harmonious.

When navigating a website, things need to flow and make sense – it’s not just about great design elements and eye-catching images. To keep someone on your site, and get them to stay, is done when there is creative synergy between designer and writer.

Being a good writer means knowing how to communicate clearly. Good writers can put themselves in the shoes of the target audience. They know when to omit something or add extra copy delights. This core principle applies to being a great designer, they go hand in hand (mental image: siblings skipping happily off into the distance).