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Marketing Agency – Choose the Comprehensive Approach

A Marketing Agency, especially one which offers full-service and multi-disciplinary support, mitigates the upsell involved when outsourcing to many outfits. It also streamlines and collates processes which would otherwise be unwieldy, if not somewhat annoying. This would be important to you as a business owner but there are differences, albeit some overlap, between brand marketing, digital marketing, niche marketing etc. It is important to know these differences when enlisting an agency to perform this task for you. In this way you can concentrate on your core business, do what you do best, and allow a suitable marketer to do what they excel at, whether this involves rebranding, brand positioning or even just putting your name and offering out there.

It can be advertising, but it is not

This may strike you as counterintuitive. Marketing is often confused with advertising and in a digital era, for good reason. With YouTube, Facebook, TV, and radio hybridization the distinction becomes even murkier. It is quite a trend for seasoned Ad World (advertising marketers) to choose to work for digital concerns and for digital marketers to venture into advertising. The key differences are

  1. Advertising deals with communication
  2. ROI in Advertising can only be seen after a good three months of flighting an ad. Until then it is sheer expense.
  3. Advertising is less measurable than digital marketing. (Efforts are quantified by actual purchase trends and in digital conversions provide immediate revenue)

In both, we refer to archetypes, LSMs, and performance but digital renders data and attribution.

Full-Service Marketers can use all channels mentioned and, in our case, we do.

Our writers form scripts for radio ads, our video department may be involved in a TV shoot, and our marketers use all the resources at their disposal to showcase your services or goods.

The Advantages of Full-Service Marketing Agencies

With a full-service agent, you have access to just about anything and any resource you may need, be it of a technical, creative, analytical, or even strategic nature. Full-service teams are staffed by specialists who will make the effort to understand your industry, your audience or consumers, and your marketing objectives.

And since no enterprise is willing to throw money at a project which is bereft of quantifiable measurements, lacks direction, and forgoes the return on ad spend, even a healthy ROI, you are better off with the comprehensive service.

Furthermore, a pain point often mentioned by clients is that they land up undertaking the project management, have to co-ordinate graphic, copy and other teams, thus making sure that the result is right. But these days are over.

While attractive in terms of diversity of thought, your only undertaking should rest with approving the work in progress. With a full-service marketing agency, a designated, seasoned Project Manager will conduct the “symphony” from inception to completion. They remain your single line of contact having sufficient knowledge and sway to engineer a great result.

What is more important, is that your contact has done the research. He/ she knows your audience and unique selling proposition, well. He/she will ensure that deadlines in project phases are met. And trust us, your contact is as hungry for those leads as you are. It is their job.

Choose an Agency who Can Undertake Everything

You need an agency who is able to seamlessly integrate the following tasks within the scope of marketing:

  1. Branding and Design
  2. Brand Repositioning
  3. Web Development
  4. Media Planning and Social Media Marketing
  5. PPC or Ad Words Search Marketing
  6. Email marketing
  7. Influencer marketing and event planning
  8. Even package design

Choose an agency that stays abreast with trends, capitalizing them for your benefit. An agency that is committed to performance-driven results – one who is willing to report with regularity and integrity on these results.

If you partner with such an agency, trust and embrace their marketing expertise, and include them in your marketing strategy from the word go, you are on the right track.

Even in a saturated and fiercely cut-throat market, the right marketing agent will give you that indispensable edge you need for growth.