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What goes on in a Creative Agency?

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a creative agency? Do you immediately picture a scene from Mad Men? We’re sorry to burst your bubble if you did, but it’s not quite exactly like that.

Some days we might have extended brainstorming sessions waiting for the perfect idea to strike, while other days, we barely have enough time to get up and make a cup of coffee.

(Just kidding, we run on coffee. Especially on busy days.)

Our Instagram might show you our favourite projects and the highlights of our day, but there’s so much more going on behind the scenes. There’s never a dull moment at DMN Creative, and something is happening all the time. Because we are a smaller agency, everyone here has been hand-selected for their specific skill set, and we all wear many hats throughout the day.

One of our project managers might jump from being the lead on an account for a health and beauty brand to corporate mode to deal with an urgent client need. While elsewhere, one of our web developers might be working on UX design and need to switch over to run a vital security patch and update on a different site while also waiting for resources from the design team and final copy to be sent through from the copywriters.

Also, because this isn’t Mad Men and it isn’t the 60s, creative agencies these days do a lot more than just print ads and billboards. For a single new client, we could do anything from the initial strategic planning and brand development to their final packaging print design. This includes writing the copy for their website and product packaging, creating blog posts and social media content, designing a kick-ass website, ensuring it is optimised with the best SEO, and creating an e-commerce store for their product.

It doesn’t stop there, though! Once you’ve got your website and your product is ready to go out into the world, you need to reach your customers. That’s where we come in to run paid media and marketing campaigns; we send targeted emails to interested customers and grow your social media following to increase your audience. Some days we might need to deal with a public relations emergency or ensure a virtual event goes off without a hitch.

Doesn’t that sound great? We’re happy to work in such a crazy environment, because it means that every day there’s something new waiting just around the corner.