We have partnered with Branduo, a boutique consultancy that harnesses the power of brand strategy to help businesses meet their goals.

Branduo is owned and managed by strategist Jenni Benatar, who believes that in order for organisations to drive success, they need to have a business with a distinct offering, a compelling reason for their customers to buy and a story that connects the audience to their brand. Jenni has worked across the arenas of brand building, and strategic marketing. Branduo’s clients span the finance, legal, nutrition, property, edtech and design and hospitality industries.

Jenni runs dynamic strategy workshops with management teams of start-up and established organisations, unpacking their overarching goals, key business capabilities and competitor landscape.  She is adept at developing strategic brand positions that are succinct, unique and memorable, giving her clients the tools to sell simply, but with conviction and clarity.

Before launching a new business or rebranding an existing company, strategically workshopping your vision and positioning ensures that the resulting brand resonates with your audience, impacts visually and gives you the flexibility to expand with ease and agility. Furthermore, DMN Creative is guided by her sound strategy and is able to produce work that is relevant, meaningful and long-lasting for our clients.

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