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SEO management companies are a dime a dozen these days. If you’ve searched this term before, you can be assured that the Google algorithm has already matched your needs to the most optimised agencies on the search engine results page (SERP). But that does not necessarily mean that the results indicate an agency’s actual performance or fit for your organisation. If you’re looking for that sound SEO management company, you might wonder what quantifies and qualifies these agencies. You know, renders them unique? Muse on which criteria you can use to eliminate the bad apples from the good?

The answer doesn’t just lie in keyword SEO. It lies in keyword management and, to some degree, company. But we’ll broach that later.

1. First a bit about SEO

Or…” The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is Page Two of Google” Dharmesh Shah.1

We assume that you are perhaps a business owner or marketer who is hunting for an SEO Management Company (read agency). Talent who’ll improve the organic traffic to your site or optimise your ranking in Google. Of course, our point of reference is that you have a site. If you don’t, a good SEO agency can and will create one for you.

It’s perhaps an oversimplification, but Google is just a mega site that acts as an indexing system. It’s the largest, most popular, most searched Site Engine in the world. 32.5% Of all digital traffic homes in on page 1 of Google. We would believe that you want to be on page 1 of the SERP.  Your dream is…

To Rank. Be visible. Be found. For traffic to spend time in your content. If you’re an e-commerce venture, your intent is on income derived from a shopping transaction. And we wildly imagine that somewhere down the line, you are casting a net for potential customers who will contact you via your lead form and thus convert into sales.

Paid Search, Google Shopping, and Google display are part of another bigger picture that falls without the ambit of this article, but we will cover this in the next couple of months. However, it is essential to realise that SEO is not constrained or regulated similarly to PPC. Search agencies will refer to Real Estate. Here, we refer to keyword density and META descriptions. It’s a whole different ballgame.

And if you’re dealing with customers who have enabled ad-blocker, it is the only ballgame you can play. Your organisation is only as good as its content and keyword mining as far as Google is concerned. Cue the Management part of your search.

2. Management

Seasoned digital marketers speak about funnels. Or rather “intent” as a fourth dimension within the algorithm. But to keep things simple, imagine a funnel. This is where your search shows intent.

Browsers with the highest intent are at the lower part of the funnel. They have made their comparisons, researched your competition, and if your SEO is being managed properly, they will find your site worthy. Therefore, these browsers convert easily as they are familiar with your brand.

If we had to gauge the intent of your search (the one that brought you to this page), we would estimate that you are in the mid-funnel section (mid intent). In other words, you’re still researching the opportunities available. You would be handing your digital assets to an agency to manage in the best possible way. It is at this juncture where the keen insights of a good SEO Agency have the most sway. A good agency garners an understanding of the most searched keywords and taps into the desires and motives of potential customers, encouraging them to convert. Conversely, if you choose amateur digital marketers, they may annoy clients with their strategy and cause bounce – people to navigate to another site, another competitor.

Here the management is essential. Look for:

  • Dedicated single contact portfolio managers
  • Agencies with great reputations and solid testimonials
  • Case studies and blue-chip agency clients.

Avoid overpromises. The flashy agencies speak of ROI (Return on Investment), KPI’s (Key Process Indicators), etc., as if they were a currency of sorts. This is not management; it’s just bells and whistles. Stick with the down-to-Earth endeavours. Good agencies are staffed with the elite of the business, and they are hard to find. Yes, your ROI is essential, but it is a tagline that everyone uses in the industry. Proper management is elusive. So look for the level of personable management that you would expect of your own staff.

3. Finally “Company”

The days of hubristic agency managers are all but over. Perhaps you chose the word company because you are seeking a professional service. We prefer to use the word partnership to describe our relationship with our clients and Google. The success of your site impacts the success of our agency. With this in mind and a good dash of work ethic, we seek to serve our clients most cost-effectively.

Don’t misunderstand. We are by no means suggesting that we’re the only agency in South Africa that works this way. Instead, we would like to say that the agency or company you choose to represent your business should share and echo your business objectives. It is a symbiotic relationship infused with knowledge, in-field expertise, and values.

An honest SEO company treats all their customers as premium ventures, each deserving of time and energy to optimise their sites. A responsible SEO agency can prove its performance with quantifiable numbers. Above all, the ideal agency bears fruit in the form of revenue for your organisation.

In summary, undertake comparisons and measure performance. Choose an SEO Management Company that will not only give your customers the smoothest of user journeys but a company with the flair, passion and energy that resembles your own. This agency delivers a little something extra – flavour, if you will (hard to define), which translates into tangible results.

If you’re still in doubt, remember in Peter Drucker’s words

“What gets measured gets improved.”

Or even Phil Frost’s “Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.”

Your organisation’s best SEO Management Company hasn’t only experienced success with previous clients that can be both quantified and qualified but will perform the same digital magic for you. The best partners with your concern and with Google. It’s a balanced partnership for the correct result. Qualified traffic that converts. And if you’ve chosen well, this is a given.