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Why you need an SEO Management Company

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By now, you’ve probably at least heard about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, which is why you’re looking to find an SEO management company to help maintain your business’s online presence. We’ve covered the fundamentals of SEO before, but in a nutshell, SEO enables you to attract organic traffic to your website without having to pay for it. Of course, paid marketing still has its place in the digital marketing ecosystem, but SEO  is just as important (if not more so).

Organic search is the primary source of website traffic

Statistics show that SEO has a click-through rate (CTR) of 33,59% compared to an average of 1,59% for paid advertising. Of course, this doesn’t mean that paid advertising is a bust, as it allows you to target a particular niche audience. Still, since organic search makes up such a big slice of the pie, doesn’t it make sense to work towards the best ranking?

First-page search results on Google make up 95% of all search traffic, with, the first organic result of a Google search seeing an average of 32,5% of all clicks, whereas the 7th organic result only makes up about 3,5% of clicks.

Think about it, when you Google something and you don’t find what you’re looking for on the first page, will you keep looking through page 2 of your search results, or are you more likely to reword your search until you find exactly what you’re looking for? Which leads us to…

The importance of having the correct keywords

In the old days, before Google started using AI and magic to know exactly what you’re looking for through vague references and mistyped keywords, we had to be very specific if we wanted to get the answers we were looking for. In the past, if you wanted to know who that guy from that movie with the thing was, you’d have to refer specifically to the character’s name to find out who played the role or go through the complete cast list for the film to find the actor.

However, these days, searching for who performed a specific scene or said a certain quotable line in the film is enough for your search to formulate an accurate answer. This has made it much easier for us as consumers to find what we’re looking for, but it has also made it much more challenging to formulate the correct SEO keywords since 15% of searches every day are brand new.

This is why you need an SEO management company

Employing an SEO management company is all about your return on investment. The work you put towards your SEO management will translate into a considerable benefit to your company’s potential and will continue to grow on itself over time. This means that SEO management isn’t a once-off marketing cost but rather an investment that will grow exponentially the more attention you give it.

Good SEO management companies offer the following benefits:

1. Keyword research and identification

A good SEO management company will put in the work to do the research and identify the best keywords for your business. You might think that “shoes” is the best keyword for a business selling shoes, but tell that to the 8,52 billion results that keyword brings. That’s where the professionals come in and find the best keywords for your specific product or service. Once the research is done, you might find that the competition is low on some keywords, allowing you to rank naturally with just a few tweaks and content creation. In contrast, other keywords with strong competition will need more focused targeting and aggressive link-building.

2. Experience

SEO is a slow game, but with big payoffs. Don’t expect to rank first on Google just because you’ve sprinkled a few keywords across your website. It takes experience to know which keywords to use and where to put them. It also takes experience to know when to give up on a specific keyword or run with it a bit longer before seeing results.

3. Initial website optimization

This involves populating your website’s meta descriptions and keywords, editing slugs and titles, and sprinkling keywords on key pages. Sometimes it can be challenging to write good copy with natural-sounding keywords, but that’s where content creation and copywriting come in.

4. Ongoing optimization and updates

Since the internet never sleeps and trends and algorithms change in the blink of an eye, ranking well is like shooting at a moving target. While you’re riding a unicycle. With your eyes closed. Oh, and it’s on fire. Keeping up with digital trends and updates is the key to a good SEO management company to ensure you stay current and your rankings stay intact.

5. Full-service agencies help with more than just SEO

Full-service agencies (also known as full-stack agencies) use a multi-pronged approach to give clients maximum value for money and a comprehensive and coordinated online strategy. SEO involves a lot more than just adding keywords to specific pages and should be incorporated into all aspects of your online presence.

Looking at everything we’ve mentioned here (and everything else that goes into great SEO we haven’t even touched on yet), you might wonder where you’ll find the time to do it all while still running a successful business. Using an SEO management company allows you to focus on what you do best while reaping the rewards of what we do best.