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It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

When developing a brand with a client, it’s important to understand and share their excitement for their vision. Your job is taking that vision and turning it into reality.

The only way such a vision can be communicated correctly through all the creative channels, is only if you have the correct systems in place, to give you the confidence in knowing you have a strong foundation to firstly support yourself and in turn, the client.

The moment a project is set into motion, is the moment a client “feels” a certain way about your company and the project. The way the client feels in that moment, will set the tone for the rest of the project.

So, when starting a project, it’s critical to ensure all are on the same page!

Let’s get on that page by:

  1. Sharing the same vision for the project/brand.
  2. Set realistic expectations with regards to the deadline and deliverables.
  3. Set a realistic budget for the project.

In ALL communications, remind your clients that you are there to support them and to answer any questions, because this will empower your clients to ASK anything.

Don’t confuse getting inspired with getting things done. Create and manage before you consume!