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When to hire a digital marketing agency: How to see the signs

It’s great when a team of people sit down together and formulate a watertight marketing plan, including digital initiatives you want in place. Ideas are one thing. Implementing them is another. Do you have enough in-house people to roll out your big ideas successfully? You might just need some expert assistance. But how do you know if you do?

Here’s some of the glaring signs:

You don’t know where to start

Digital marketing brings about a whole set of challenges, compared to traditional marketing methods and strategies. SEO keyword research, brand promotion and a social media paid advertising strat are just a few of the key elements you should consider. An eye-catching landing page and website are also non-negotiables. All of this can seem intimidating. Digital marketing agencies, such as DMN Creative are geared up and ready to work with you and your brand. We assess your specific needs, and then make your brand take flight!

You’re lacking quality leads

You might have a sales team churning out great quality work, but you’re not seeing a big enough return on their efforts. You need leads! A team of marketers can work with your sales peeps and build a plan that brings together the best of your sales processes and a sound marketing strategy. This means good leads can be guided straight to your door #winning

Sales are at a standstill, or decreasing

Plateau is not a word we want to hear in the same sentence as sales, or return on investment. If your sales are stagnant, this might be the signal to invest in some marketing magic. DMN Creative prides itself on forming a synergy that will maintain the relationship, with true efficacy, between sales and marketing. Our goal is to increase your revenue. How? By improving brand recognition, increase traffic to your website, blog and social pages.

Your competitor is working with an agency

If your competition is working with a team of pros, it seems they might be ahead of the curve. Yes, this should make you shake in your boots a bit! Working with a team of brand gurus gives a fresh, interesting and creative perspective on what skills and services your company offers, and what makes you stand out from the rest. Need we say more.

You’re shooting in the dark

DMN Creative works with many different businesses across a range of sectors and industries. Perhaps you’re a newbie to digital marketing, and wanting to elevate your business to new levels. If you have no idea where to start, no need to fret! We can shed light on how you can keep up to date with the trends within your specific industry and put a plan into action, so you can reach your goals. We re-evaluate and adjust your strategy when necessary as we walk the path to achieving marketing success!