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Dazzle their heart with the gift of a lifetime

Since 1897, Murdocks has earned a reputation as a top-class jewellery store offering the finest, premium-quality collection of jewellery and watches to customers the world over.

A proud heritage

In 1896 James Edgar Murdock was to make a decision that would change his life, and the world of jewellery, forever. He decided to leave his birth country of England and relocate to South Africa, a country blessed with abundant natural mineral assets. Here, at the junction of Cape Town’s Longmarket and Parliament Streets, he founded Murdocks Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

Relishing the fine diamonds, gemstones and gold that the country had to offer, he used this inspiration to create an array of glittering pieces that displayed the best taste and craftsmanship that South Africa had yet seen.   

Murdocks quickly earned a name for itself as a premium store offering only the finest, beautifully crafted jewellery creations and accessories for discerning clientele, from gentlemen and gentlewomen to celebrities, statesmen and royalty (Cecil John Rhodes, and King George and Queen Frederika of Greece to name a few). 

Morganite: a dazzling mineral to remember

Anyone who experiences morganite for the first time will be spellbound by its iridescent beauty. Discovered in Madagascar in 1910, it makes a fine alternative to diamonds, with shimmering hues of pale pink (and even orange) that shine and sparkle as you hold it to the light. This beryl mineral is a popular gift choice because of its unique festive colour and charm. Versatile and alluring, morganite is used in a variety of pieces, infusing them with prestige, feminine beauty and more than a hint of individuality.