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Augmented Reality Marketing – GOALS!

We have the great privilege of working on a major campaign, a children’s book that is being launched with a custom EdTech Learning Platform, incorporated with Augmented Reality and Marketing.

It really is taking education and learning to the next level. This project has taught me that AR marketing is for sure GOALS!

The concept of augmented reality can be explained as such: The technology layers computer-generated enhancements on top of an existing reality that the subject can interact with. Here’s an example of just that.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are related, in the sense that they both have the amazing ability to alter our perception of the world. But here’s the difference: VR takes us to someplace else, a fantasy world of some sort. VR has the capability of “dropping” the user in that world. But, AR adds to our real world.

It does not move us or “drops” us anywhere, it simply “augments” our current world, by placing computer-generated images for use or entertainment purposes in our current presence.

Here are 3 of THE COOLEST things happening in AR right now:

  1. Disney created an app that allows children to draw a 3D character in real-time. (Check it out here).
  2. Microsoft’s HoloLens can also be used to teach anatomy to medical students. (You need to see this).
  3. UCLA created an AR sandbox that lets you create erupting volcanoes, mountains, rivers, and canyons. (You want to see this).

How can AR be implemented in your marketing strategy? Well, you can deliver your strategy in real-time. Your customers can experience your product or service as it is meant to be used, really offering a deeper product experience. Client expectations are higher than ever as digital channels and smartphone technology improves week by week.

Your marketing strategy must now contend with providing even more enveloping product experiences to customers – continuing to raise the bar.

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