You are currently viewing 2020! We are living it.

2020! We are living it.

New challenges, and new opportunities are ahead. This year, we are focusing on WHAT MATTERS.

We are sharing the three biggest consumer trends, or the 2020 calendar year. Each of these trends, are a powerful opportunity to build new products, services, and launch campaigns.

  1. Going green.

Consumers are eco-conscious, and that means they will move from eco-status to eco-shaming. Watch out what you put out there and make sure you are taking care of the environment while doing it.

2. Scenario-based design.

There can never be one perfect product or service for any given person. A perfect fit in 2020, means adaption and customisation. You should gear up to deliver RELEVANCE.

3. Civil Media.

This form of media works towards engaging the public, while informing them about changes in our society. Commit to a long term mission, create new communities and foster new connections.

We are here to assist you in applying these trends and together we can create compelling stories.

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