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We also compiled a summary of the platform your website will be built on.


WordPress is a powerful yet free content management system (CMS) which offers an extensive range of features for creating truly impressive business websites. It comes as no surprise that over 43.2% of the websites today are powered up by this platform. Adding to that, WordPress powers 14.7% of the world’s top websites. Despite the daunting competition in the CMS domain, WordPress continues to be strong and the entire credit goes to the amazing set of features it offers. The advantages of availing this web development platform are endless, and here are a few of them.

Easy To Use:
The most vibrant feature of WordPress is its ease. It comes with an inbuilt dashboard where users can add new pages, posts, or categories, change themes and settings, and much more. It’s easy to learn and to use.

Responsive Design:
As mobile has become the best place to fetch traffic for business websites, they need to be responsive to reach the potential buyers on the mobile channel. WordPress offers a responsive design which ensures that your website runs seamlessly on different devices, without having to put in extra effort for developing separate websites to run on them.

Media Management:
Images, videos, and other media elements can be added easily to your WordPress website to enhance the richness of its content. It offers a drag-and-drop system that allows you to drag the media content and drop it into the uploader easily to get it uploaded. You also have access to image editing tools if needed.

Multiple Theme Options:
Themes decide the look and navigation of the site. With WordPress, there are multiple options in themes that can be customized according to the business requirements. Users can download the themes according to the category and need and play with them to build appealing websites that replicate their business brand with an impressive online presence.

Plugins for Customization:
By making use of plugins, users can customize the site and add the desired features and functionalities to it. All that is needed to be done for adding a new feature to the site is to install a plugin. And amazingly, there is a large number available and most of them are free of cost or reasonably priced.

WordPress is an open-source CMS that bundles amazing flexibility as it can be used for creating a variety of websites. You can use it for creating personal blog, a full-fledged business website, or an e-commerce store. Additionally, you get the choice to use any of the existing designs or tailor a new one.

WooCommerce for E-commerce:
WooCommerce, the free eCommerce plugin for WordPress, enables the creation of highly appealing and feature-packed e-commerce stores. WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with WordPress and serves as a powerful e-commerce solution which gives complete control to both store owners and developers so that they can sell their goods online.

Best for Blogging:
WordPress has acquired the reputation for being an ideal best blogging platform. By choosing it to create your website, you get a blog included within it by default. Additionally, it brings a range of blogging functionalities such as tags, plugins, widgets, categories, and more, all by itself!

Community Support:
The most interesting and useful part of WordPress is the extensive community support it has. There is the largest number of developers available for WordPress in the world. The platform provides wide range options in plugins, themes, and software for developers to use while creating websites with this platform. The community offers reliable support to developers when needed.

Search engines love WordPress because the code is simple and clean that makes it easy for them to read and index the content on the site. Additionally, it gives control to customize the SEO components for each page so that they can secure high search rankings. Also, there are lots of plugins available for WordPress which can extend the website’s reach.

Easy Social Media Integration:
WordPress extends the benefit of easy social media integration too which enables business websites to extend their reach by harnessing social channels. This means that getting traffic to these sites become easier by extending the social reach. There is no need to login to the social accounts separately as the website integrates seamlessly with all of them.

Outstanding Scalability:
With WordPress, the site can grow as the business grows because of the outstanding scalability of this platform. It is possible for the site to have thousands of pages or blog posts added to it, without compromising its performance at all. For this reason, WordPress serves as an ideal platform for businesses that foresee extensive growth in the future.

W3C Compliance:
Compliance with W3C standards has become a necessity for websites and you can be sure about it by choosing WordPress as the development platform. It offers W3C compliance out-of-the-box and ensures that your website will be able to function smoothly and seamlessly in any web browser.

Dependable Security:
Fortifying your WordPress website is easy because the CMS offers some powerful plugins and tools to strengthen it on the security front. By choosing WordPress for your business website, therefore, you can be sure about the security of your site and make it hack proof with its tools and plugins.

WordPress comes ahead as a cost effective development platform because it is open-source in nature. The design and development as well as the maintenance expenses of a WordPress site are relatively cheap.


    Please provide any relevant social media links below that will need to be linked on your website: FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInTikTokYoutube
    I do not yet have social media and would like DMN to set these up for me FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInTikTokYoutube


    What is website maintenance?

    We utilize WordPress as a website platform because of the diverse functionalities and customizations that it offers, although sites can be built on templates they can also be fully customized using WP. It also allows for a very user friendly backend that can easily be managed even by someone with little or no experience.

    WordPress is content management system that is supported by the use of themes and plugins. Themes are categorized as Parent & Child, a parent theme can function fully without a child theme, however a child theme not without a parent theme. In simple terms the parent theme allows customizations once off, however the additional layer of a child theme allows for multiple customizations and changes over ant time period. It is always best practice to build with a child theme for this reason so that you are not restricted from making changes in future.

    Plugins are free additional add ons that enchance or enable some functions of the site, some basic examples of these are plugins used for: security, caching speed & Elementor ( used for easily editing & making changes to the website once it has been built)

    These themes and plugins are always being adapted via software updates, to ensure that they are performing well or even adding additional functionalities, for this reason it is critically important that the website is maintained because if a plugin were to fail due to lack of update, this means that the functionality it provided will no longer work, essentially breaking the website & in cases of security plugins (making your website vulnerable to attacks) the cost of repairing broken sections.

    When we perform maintenance the following process is followed:

    • A full backup of the website is created
    • Theme updates
    • Updates of all relevant plugins
    • Optimizations for site speed
    • Once all updates are completed the website cache is cleared
    • A report is generated that details all statistics (including analytics) plus overview of updates performed
    • The website is checked & tested to ensure all items are functioning & displaying accurately

    Essentially it boils down to prevention rather than cure, regular maintenance ensures an optimized fully functioning website with the support of a web developer at a much more affordable cost than having to fix broken section or entirely unsalvageable website which can become very costly.


    If your website requires any of the following:

    – Privacy Policy
    – Terms & Conditions
    – Cookie Policy
    – Terms of Service
    – Refund & Returns Policies

    We will need to please be provided with this wording. We can recommend to generate these, we will need the final wording supplied within a Word document please.