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We Build Brands: Brand Development Defined

It’s all in the name really. Brand development is the process of creating and strengthening your brand. So, essentially, branding is everything. When we think about brand development in South Africa, we can’t think about Nandos, Coca-Cola or Woolworths without forming an immediate idea in our minds, or an emotional link to their branding. Why? These businesses have made their brand image so relevant to their target audience, including their emotional and physical needs.

What sells products and services? You might’ve already guessed the answer to this one: Brands. Sometimes newly established businesses unfortunately throw a logo and beginnings of a brand together at the last minute, without giving it much thought. New entrepreneurs have a lot to consider and think about when starting a new business, and their brand development might take a back seat. Your brand needs to be in the driving seat, especially when you are setting out and making the decisions on how to set your brand up.

Some of our inside tips for brand development in South Africa:

  1. Get that strat on point. Stat! Align your brand strategy with your business objectives – this is a crucial starting point.
  2. Tools to make things tick. In order to communicate the brand you need some nuts and bolts. Specifically, a striking logo, catchy tagline and a website that ‘wows’.
  3. Once you have these elements down it’s about strengthening this newly developed brand and keep it updated as you go.

There are some questions you should always pose, to establish what brand path you are going down.

  1. What are your customer’s deepest, darkest….desires!
  2. Your customers either feel encouraged to choose your brand, or there’s something stopping them in their tracks. What are these two things?
  3. Where do these feelings come from and what is the true nature of the driving force behind these beliefs?

At the end of all of these questions there is a glaring question. Brands reflect the people within it, the people who believe in it and stay committed to it over time. This gives your brand a sense of having human characteristics, allowing you to connect more closely with your audience, and in a more meaningful way.

Not sure how to “humanise” your brand? Don’t worry, we do.

At DMN Creative we’ve got a sound track record on brand development in South Africa. And not just in South Africa, but internationally too.

We pride ourselves on getting to the core of your brand, knowing who the target market is (inside and out), and then throwing some next-level creative skills and killer copy into the mix.

Get in touch with us and we’ll take your brand from zero, to hero.