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The State of Video Marketing in 2020

Video remains the most engaging, most shared type of content on social media, and if you haven’t considered how you can get more video into your digital marketing approach, it may be worth assessing as we move into 2020.

The immediacy of video provides greater appeal, making it easier for viewers to consume your message as they scroll through their increasingly busy social streams.

The addition of autoplay adds further to this – and at a time where there are so many different elements competing for our attention online, tapping into any means to grab your audience can only be beneficial.

If you’re still not sure about the potential of video content for your business, take a look at this collection of stats, put together by the team from Deposit Photos.

In it, they outline a range of video usage insights, including specific breakdowns of video content performance on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

It takes more work, and generally more investment, to create an effective video. But the data suggests it may well be worth it.

Take a look at the full infographic below.