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Print Marketing Trends- 2020 Forecast

With the end of 2019 coming to a near, it is important for every business to take a look at what may be coming for the next year. The rise of the digital age has forced companies to restructure not only their products but their approach as well. There will always be a demand for print marketing because this route of marketing not only gets a reaction from a customer’s experience of sight, but also of touch. This is of particular interest to Colortech Inc. seeing as though there is interaction with both an organization’s products and strategies within the commercial printing business. Understanding product style, marketing plans, and business is the name of the game for Colortech Inc. Due to our current market and demand for certain products and styles, it is found that these are the print marketing trends and are a forecast for 2020.

Minimalism in Design

The increase in simple minimalistic designs has reappeared within the business world. This is the style that not only companies prefer, but what consumers gravitate towards as well. There are times and places for loud and busy pieces within the marketing world but in general, the style is clean and simplistic. This type of design can be represented by muted color tones, no-thrills fonts, or even using less content in general. Aesthetic changes that have come in 2019 have led to more simple designs being used. If you look at any magazine or other print publications of advertising materials, it is clear that there is a shift in visually appealing imagery. Consumers are moving towards simplistic and meaningful design.

The color scheme of this print ad is through and through intentionally made with muted colors. This was an ad that ran for Rolling Stone Magazine in 2019.

The font on this Vogue magazine cover shows the print world using simple clear fonts. Fonts create a simple and easy way to set a tone for any material. Modern consumers have a high demand for clean styles such as these.

A simple cut out drawing on a leaf is an entire ad in 2019. The very minimalistic side of this ad is very effective in getting messages across to a target audience.

Personalization in packages

The audiences of 2020 want to not only buy a product/ service, but they want to have an experience. An upward trend of smaller batches of advertising for a more personalized experience is happening. Audiences enjoy feeling like they are being personally helped by a good and this will in turn increase interaction numbers in a positive way for organizations.

This is a direct mail campaign sent by Victoria’s Secret. The overall design of the card is meant to mimic a person’s VIP pass to an event, giving this illusion of exclusivity personalized to an audience member. At the top, it has exclusive rights to join a photo shoot and then below that it mentions a VIP line with a purchase. This is a more covert way of personalizing a large batch direct mail campaign.

Using a combination of digital and print marketing strategies

Having these two unstoppable forces, print and digital marketing is the best way for a marketing campaign to be effective. The two styles have different advantages that when used together can really make a positive impact on a company. One of the easiest examples of this concept that merges the two is QR codes. These are print codes that are physically printed out and then there is an app that takes a picture or scans it and brings you to wherever the print material is talking about. This QR code can bring whoever scans it directly to a webpage, survey, or promotional material. QR codes bring a digital element to print promotional material. This perfectly combines the two channels and can really set a business apart from others.

One of the most famous QR codes used in modern business is the Snapchat QR code. Younger generations use this extremely often as a way to interact with other users and navigate the virtual Snapchat world.

Usage of haptic memory in print marketing

Standing out from the normal print advertising materials is a key factor when understanding how a business is doing. Keeping the print material innovative will ensure that a companies product is remembered by the consumer. Some methods that can be used to highlight certain products and brands over another are creative concept printing, 3D print materials, or even the colors. One of the most creative ways that this concept can be achieved is through texture. Texture in print materials can give the product an edge up. It taps into the haptic memory sense that remembers the pleasing touch that comes with a certain package. This style will ensure that a consumer remembers, keeps, and even feels a sense of luxury about the material.

Apple uses this concept well with their packaging materials. The image of the product and the apple logo have different textures than what is on this soft-touch box. They are raised and have different surfaces than the box itself. The consumer gets a feeling of elegance when getting the product, setting the brand as a luxury in the mind of the consumer.

As the year of 2019 comes to a close, the ending brings new data that will be used in all areas of business for the upcoming 2020 year. Consumer behavior throughout 2019 has shown that print marketing will be a staple to this upcoming year and those insights can be innovated and improved upon. Keep an eye out for these print marketing techniques in 2020 and try using them with your products.

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