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Lanolab saves the day, every day!

If you want your lips looking their beach-selfie best – Lanolab is the ultimate multi-purpose all natural balm to be carrying in your bag this summer. 

The intense summer sun, heat, and humidity are the cause of many skin issues. Dry patches, pigmentation, blemishes, and acne – these are just a few issues that you may face during summer. That’s why you need to take care of your skin with an all in one summer balm solution.

This travel sized balm will become your new skin obsession to get that perfect summer glow, naturally!

Lanolab contains papaya enzymes which assist in reducing inflammation from any inflamed itchy areas and rashes, these properties in the balm also assist in repairing your skin.

4 of the many reasons and counting, as to why it’s one of their ingredients:

1.Rich in AHA’S

Did you know that papaya enzymes are rich in AHA’s which are essential for glowing and healthy skin?

AHA’s are also great for dry skin as they are made up of molecules that love the water which improves the skin’s moisture content.

2.Contains Vitamins

Papayas contain concentrated amounts of both Vitamin A & Vitamin C which have anti-inflammatory properties as well and antioxidants. These assist in soothing your skin.

The flesh of papaya contains antioxidants, as well as vitamins C and E, which are good for your hair.

3.Reduces inflammation

These enzymes are known to reduce skin inflammation as well as soothing minor burns and because papaya is a natural anti-inflammatory, it will also assist in repairing your skin after a sunburn.

4.Assists in healing wounds

Fun Fact: Papaya can both be applied to minor burns and wounds to speed up the healing process -without stinging the affected area of skin and keeping bacteria away -how amazing!

Do you need any more convincing that papaya extract is the perfect ingredient in our balm?

Why use Lanolab?

Lanolab is 100% natural and therefore the perfect travel size balm to keep handy for those wanting nourished and hydrated lips! Order your tube of Lanolab here, today!