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Instagram for Business.

Instagram has made scrolling through posts and tagging users and locations easy, and is becoming increasingly optimal for community-growth. Instagram is arguably one of the most fun social media platforms, but it’s definitely more than a fun trend. Your business can use the app to promote events or contests, share customer-submitted content, and create a personalized sense of community for your brand. Instagram is here to stay! and that includes using Instagram for your business marketing. We have laid out why using Instagram for business is a MUST, here’s why:

Image Is Everything And Instagram Is all About Images.

As we said above and we will say again, Instagram is all about images. This makes it a visual marketing gold mine. On any social media platform, adding an image is at the top of the list of ways you can make your posts more engaging. It’s a known digital marketing fact that people like pretty things. Images that are colorful and eye-catching really work to help drive interaction and this is a key part of social media marketing. Interaction helps a passive viewer to make concrete associations with a brand and this leads to more brand awareness.

Instagram offers a unique opportunity for companies to show their personalities and branding through the images they share. This makes a brand’s identity more visually appealing than trying to encompass brand identity in a plain text post. If you are a business that has a lot of visual aspects and also have some creative staff willing to take a lot of fun and interesting photos, Instagram may be a perfect fit for your social media marketing mix. And if your business is not that visual, it may be time to start thinking about how you can make what you do more visual. Social media marketing is the future for all business success and on social media the optics matter.

*Note: Before setting up a business Instagram account, please consider whether your company or brand is visual or can become visual. You will need a lot of photos and/or graphics, videos created on an ongoing basis to provide content for your Instagram account. Contact us today for content creation, a social media marketing calendar and design.

It’s More Than Just A Trend.

While you might think that Instagram is just a trendy platform, that is far from the truth. Instagram is now being used by many major brands, and, with the rise of Instagram Influencers, it has become a leading marketing and advertising platform. Instagram now has approximately 1 billion monthly users.

Interaction Opportunities Are Only Going Up.

Instagram used to be less than the best when it came to interaction and it allows for no more than double-tapping to “like” a post and the option to leave a comment. NOW, Instagram has implemented many more features interaction and engagement such as sharing a post or a story in a DM or archiving your posts or someone else’s to save for later. Instagram has also added the capability to include links in profile bios, live video stories, and the nifty “swipe up” feature on stories. Brand awareness is an important part of any business looking to build its market share and a carefully planned Instagram strategy can build brand awareness.

Scrolling and Tagging Made Easy.

Instagram is streamlined. Unlike Facebook or Twitter which display posts in a one-by-one stream, when a user goes to a business’ Instagram profile, the posts are laid out in a grid, making it easier for users to find older posts and promotions quickly. A potential customer can visit your business’s Instagram page and get a quick glimpse of your brand image and personality just by looking at the most recent images on your profile and furthermore, Instagram allows for sharing multiple photos in a single post, and also has the capability of linking to products so users can shop from a post or a story (this is a new feature not available to all accounts yet). It is also easy for followers to share stories or posts with their friends through tagging.

It’s Fun!

Instagram might be the most fun social media platform out there. With all its opportunity for colour, creativity, personality, and aesthetically-pleasing feeds, it’s no wonder that it has become the platform where many people are directing much of their energy. Instagram can provide a creative and enthusiastic space for sharing your content and your brand personality. The challenge is finding the fun in your business and showcasing it in a visual way. For some this will be easier than others, this is where we step in, see the services we offer here!

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