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Five must-have apps for South Africans by Media Update

South Africans need certain apps to ensure that their life is a little bit easier with the daily challenges thrown at them. media update’s Talisa Jansen van Rensburg has tried and tested the many options out there and named the top five you need to download.

Having apps on your mobile phone can be very useful for you since you have everything you need in one spot, making it easy for you to just go onto your phone and find what you need.

Here are the top five apps that every South African needs on their mobile phone:

1. Smash’d

According to stats provided by SABC News, there are 2 266 accidents daily on South African roads. This puts a ton of strain on officials to get all the paperwork done, and it takes a lot of time and resources to assist people with the admin side of accidents.

To tackle this problem, Zen Citi created an app that allows people who were involved in an accident to take images and capture all the necessary information regarding the accident. The Smash’d app also provides users with an Accident Report (AR) form that must be filled in and then the app generates the completed form.

Users can then print out their forms and take them to the nearest police station to get it approved and submitted.

You can download Smash’d here.

2. Namola

The crime rate in South Africa is enormous, with an average of 58 people murdered every day. Because of this reality, having a safety app, like Namola, is critical.

The app allows the user to get help really fast. If a person feels unsafe or was in an accident they can press the assistance button and they will be immediately contacted by one of Namola’s trained operators.

The operators will talk the user through the situation and send responders to assist. The app shares your location with the responder, making it easy for them to find you.

The app is free because “Namola is supported by Dialdirect and the SABC Foundation“, and has operators working 24/7, ensuring there is always someone to phone you when you are in an emergency.

For R50 a month, you can get NamolaPlus, which gets you a Namola Panic Tracker. The tracker contains the following features:

  1. GPS tracking
  2. Panic button
  3. Can receive calls
  4. Charging dock: this lasts one to five days between each charge
  5. Lanyard and key ring

Having the Namola Panic Tracker means that if your phone battery is dead or you have lost your phone, you still have the tracker that will keep you connected.

The app has a “network of volunteer and metro first responders”, meaning that the pool of responders is bigger and they are more likely to be closer to your location.

You can download Namola here.

3. EskomSePush

Just a few months ago, the worst stage of load shedding in South Africa moved from Stage 6 to Stage 8, causing South Africans to run around trying to make sure that they have hot water, food and candles ready for the dark nights ahead. EksomSePush made prepping for these outages a whole lot easier. The free app updates South Africans on the stages that the load shedding is on and when to expect the power to be off, ensuring that everyone is fully ready.

On days where there is no load shedding or there is something to celebrate, the creators of the app will post a funny meme to celebrate.

“EskomSePush is about giving back to South Africans. We’re doing it to make you smile. It’s free!” say the developers of the app.

There are over 50 000 areas that you can add, so no matter where you are in South Africa, you will be able to see what time load shedding will strike.

You can download EskomSePush here.

4. Uber Eats

Keeping load shedding in mind, we can all agree that preparing food in the evening is a lot harder when you can’t use a stove (for obvious reasons). And with the power outages, the traffic is a whole lot worse due to the traffic lights being out.

That is why Uber Eats is a must-have for all South Africans, making dinner a lot easier when those pesky stages start counting upon the EksomSePush app. When South Africans see Stage 1, most of them won’t even break a sweat because that means there are slim chances of load shedding. But as soon as that Stage number goes to 3 or 4, they know that there will be instances of no power for longer and more frequently that day.

The app offers users a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, meaning they can find whatever food they are in the mood for.

The app is also user-friendly: All you have to do is insert your address, find the restaurants near you, click on the food that you want and add it to your chart, load your card details and place your order. You will receive a notification as the restaurant accepts your request. It will tell you that the food is being prepared and then it will show you when your Uber Eats driver picks it up. You can then track your driver all the way to your front door.

You can download Uber Eats here.

5. Minderz

If you like Instagram, you will love this app! It is very similar to Instagram except that it has a strict ‘pets only’ policy! The app is a ‘pet social network’ where you can connect and communicate with pet parents. You can also find people who will look after your fur babies when you are away on business or holiday.

Added to that, you can record your pet’s health and vet visits, allowing you to keep track of important information and forms that need to be stored safely. There is also a feature that allows you to set up reminders for particular situations, such as when your pet needs to get medicine or be fed.

The app additionally allows users to search for products and vendors that are customised specifically to pet owners.

You can download Minderz here.

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