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Online Email Marketing Solution

Here is the Online email marketing solution that you’re after – we give you the do’s and don’ts of online emailers within the ambit of this article and the science behind metrics like Email Open Rate (EOR), Click-Through Rate (CTR) and more.

Perhaps you may even want to know how not to be one of those Online emailers. Those “online emailers”, you ask? You know which type we mean. The argh, it’s them again! Click, close, delete or report as spam. We call them failures. The “Failure” is a common species of marketer who hasn’t researched their audience, managed their tone, highlighted a value proposition, and fails to hit the nail on the head.  

By contrast, the “Bleh” marketer commits none of these sins but still doesn’t bring their user to commit to a call to action.

And then, finally, within this genus, you’ll find success. This, fellow marketers, is where you want to be.

Our Assumption is:

  • That you are familiar with your CRM & bulk emailing software.
  • You have found a way to navigate around the tight constraints of POPIA.
  • That you are a seasoned, if not jaded marketer.
  • What you’re after is a great EOR and CTR.

Here’s the solution to avoid the pitfalls encountered by your predecessor, who was inarguably either a “bleh” or a “failure”. We know you’ve dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s. You know who you’re writing to, and you will do your best to be relevant and exciting. That is not what this piece is about. Instead, we want to give you a guide to piquing interest and rewarding journeys right to that pot of gold: the completed lead form. A guide to developing your own successful online email marketing solution.

Well, let’s get to the good stuff.

Rule 1. DO Tap into what your recipient is experiencing.

This is scientifically vital for a great EOR. But first, let’s examine the anatomy of an Emailer. (Not the marketer, the product)

The teaser or preview pane

Online Email Marketing Solution Teaser Pane

Here the sender and the first couple of words of your mail are provided for preview. This step is vital to a great EOR. It’s the crucial decision point where readers relegate many emails to the cutting room floor. The pane is limited typographically (Pixel width) and is not character constrained. Yet, it is the only time that real estate plays a key role. You can drive this with a steady and robust email subject line, but don’t waste space on niceties. Pique the recipient’s interest with pithy offers and unique selling points (USPs). 6 to 10 words in your subject line bolster OER by 25%. Less or more words have negative results.

To gauge truncation, send the mail to yourself with a moderate viewing pane. A good idea would be to load USPs (Get #% Off) in the first couple of words of the email. Consider the words ladies’ and women’s. 7 Characters in length, but the first is 45 pixels and the last around 62 depending on the system your recipient uses. But, as with everything, you can use truncation to your advantage.

Like here (Create some urgency).

Online Email Marketing Solution - Teaser Pane 2

Or here:

Online Email Marketing Solution - Teaser Pane 3

creates fear of missing out (FOMO)

Bear in mind that busy recipients create rules and may elect to dispose of marketing emails in bulk, so this is truly an important motivator to open the email message.


Now, of course, for your online email marketing solution, we wouldn’t suggest a tailored email for every recipient. You would have composited an archetype, and now you’ll need to create content and strategize based on the typical behaviours of this type of audience. But DO do your research. At this stage of the game, you should have a list of what motivates or even irks your recipients.

Add a Byline or sign personally; recipients prefer this. Put a face behind the mail. A simple act that could boost your OER to a huge 35%.

Marketers are so intent on creating a great user experience that they tend to overlook the fact that this experience is subject to change, to life, to time and that this “What recipient is experiencing” is a variable which of times driven by the circumstantial. Speak to this if you can. Write for the unconventional times or even times of uncertainty. How? Research trends, vernacular, and culture. This brings us to Rule no. 2.

Rule 2: DO Address a Need, Soothe a Pain Point.

If you’ve passed the preview pane hurdle and the email is indeed opened, your next step is to get your recipient to read the mail. Of course, your goods or services add value. There is no point in arguing the obvious. Within your email, you should recognize that pain point and then swiftly negate it with your offering. Ask yourself four questions:

  1. What emotional connection do I need to establish with my audience? Would my email perhaps annoy a busy recipient.
  2. What is my value proposition?
  3. How can I get the pithy stuff in the first line without sounding aggressive?
  4. What would my predecessor have done wrong?

Again, we wouldn’t suggest a customized approach or solution. Q1 is established early in the email. Put yourself in your user’s shoes and create cadent content. Perhaps your user would typically be a CEO or PA to a CEO. They form part of a remarketing list which generally comprises Living Standard Measures (LSM) of 7 or 8. Acknowledge that your user is run off their feet and then get to your value proposition quickly and succinctly, thus hopefully closing the deal with the least amount of words. Or perhaps your recipient is a parent of 3 who has been driven to the end of their rope—same approach. Except here, the parent in question may be an LSM: 4 or 5 – offer credit or a discount.

This kind of addresses questions 2 through to 4 as well. In today’s world, and if your email is opened during office or mom/dad hours, you can speculate that your recipient is just too busy to read through a diatribe. You will have roughly 5 to 8 seconds to make your message stick.

Try something like:

Emailers - Scarcity Tactic

A mile in their shoes…

Commiserate with your recipient. Be the “Keep Calm” mug. Get humour in there. Here you’ve acknowledged that your recipient needs a well-deserved break. You’ve offered it to them and encouraged time values.

Note: Be careful to gauge your audience & form filling time accurately before using this approach. Use a language that has an appropriate rhythm and style for your archetype and your offering.

Your predecessor has more than likely failed to acknowledge what your user is experiencing at that moment in time. Therefore, they were also unable to converse, engage, and convince. It’s your opportunity to develop and grow a fruitful online email marketing solution.

Rule 3:  DON’T Commit these Online Email Marketing Sins

Research has shown that around 83.25% of email recipients will either navigate away from a wieldy lead form or require some form of human interaction and assistance to reassure them into purchasing. Keep your forms concise and quick to complete (Remember the 52 seconds?). Name, email, cell phone and requirements are sufficient. Social security numbers or IDs? Overkill.

It’s just enough to sustain contact and bolster your remarketing efforts. Try to list needs in lieu of recipients filling out wordy sentences. Allow for checkboxes. And complete with “is there anything else we can help you with?” Here is where your CRM process should be rock solid. Get agents ready and on the phone or in email-response-mode the moment a recipient flounders. Answer questions directly and quickly.

List of 8 Emailer Dont's

Rule 4:  Finally, the Conversion or CTR

So, we’ve acknowledged that Bob (or perhaps Barbara) is busy but has initiated an attempt to gain VIP access to an elite organization. Don’t hide your CTA. No one has the time to search for links etc. Make your CTA interesting and visible.

Emailers are subject to many variables:

  1. What device is the recipient using? Cultivate your mails for mobile, here we see 81.27% OERs. The sad reality is that “blehs” and “Failures” don’t optimize for devices.
  2. What time and day are you sending the emails? Typically, Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well as month-end or paydays see a favourable rise in CTR. Subscribers are more inclined to read your email circa 10am in the morning and 2pm in the afternoon. Aim for a 13:00 drop.’
  3. Finally, if coupled with a video or eye-catching graphic your CTR increases by up to 30%,

While CTR is inextricably linked to EOR, a consistent performance of 15 to 22% is excellent. The global average is 21.3% EOR, 3.43% CTR (excellent compared to Google Search) and unsubscribes a nominal 0.2%. You can conclude that recipients remember and take note of the email, but attribution is difficult to gauge.

Key Takeaways

There you go! It is that simple or challenging to engage your recipient, especially with hefty sale’s lists.  This online email marketing solution is a method of initiating contact, and it works if you don’t follow in the footsteps of a “Failed” or “bleh” marketer.

As with all marketing efforts, research and helpful content will serve you well. If you feel the least bit daunted by this article, get an Emailer Marketing Agency on board. While the success rate of emailers is at best around 31.5% 1 in South Africa, which yields an OER of 10%, the Return on Investment (ROI), if you avoid the “failure” and “bleh’ mistakes, is well worth the time you put into it. Compare this with archaic cold calling, and you will realize that an online emailer is a powerful tool in the right hands.

For the Lovers of Stats:

1. Statistical data as of April 2021

2. More stats based on a drop of 100 emails, of which ten will bounce for various reasons. Of those, ten are opened (improving to a whopping 22% if your teaser is sound). This allows an 11% OER. Calculated by:

3. No of people who read your mail divided by (total mail drop less bounce)

4. Open Rates have dropped to 23% from a Y-on-Y 24% – but typically, a decrease precedes a healthy spike.