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DMN – Default mode network

Finally getting around to explaining our business name and module – Default Mode Network. You’ve got it! Wondering what this network does? Hmmmm?

I don’t want to get all “white lab coat” on you, but in neuroscience – the Default Mode Network, or DMN is a large scale brain network of INTERACTING regions that have activity correlated with each other.

It seems and was assumed that DMN is mostly active when one is not focused on the outside world, this means your brain is at a wakeful rest, such as during daydreaming and mind-wandering.

So why DMN? BECAUSE! Humans are feelings, they daydream, they wish, they hope, they think, they wonder and they reflect.

And so, the Default Mode Network plays a major role when: remembering the past and thinking about the future, and thinking about others; here’s how:

  • Remembering the past: Recalling events that happened in the past
  • Imagining the future: Envisioning events that might happen in the future
  • Episodic memory: Detailed memory related to specific events in time
  • Story comprehension: Understanding and remembering a narrative
  • Emotions of others: Understanding the emotions of other people and empathising with their feelings
  • Moral reasoning: Determining just and unjust result of an action
  • Social evaluations: Good-bad attitude judgements about social concepts
  • Social categories: Reflecting on important social characteristics and status of a group; and last but not least:
  • Theory of Mind: Thinking about the thoughts of others and what they might or might not know

Source: Wikipedia.

As a company, we truly aspire to apply Theory of Mind when working so closely with our clients, we take into consideration their thoughts, what they might or might not know. We play open cards, all of the time, supplying all the information needed for a successful campaign. And when emotions are considered, basic human needs are met.

DMN Creative – Developing Brands, Concepts & Strategies that demand understanding of human intentions, beliefs & desires.