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Conversations that lead to sales!

We will be explaining how you as a business owner can turn conversations into sales!

First, let us establish the catalyst. This is something (your product/service) that will create activity between two persons or entities without itself being affected. ex: In this instance, we will use global warming 🌝 as our “catalyst piece”.

The second step is persuasion. This is of course the process where you ‘move’ someone to do or buy something. Example: You are now discussing global warming with Peter, and why change is NOW needed more than ever.

Usability. Even though your product/service can provide the solution to a particular need, how will it fit into the businesses you approach?

Once you figure out how it will fit, you now have to build trust in your solution. How? Reviews, reviews and more reviews.

Example: John signed a contract with your business exactly one year ago, and John can now refer and promote your service to Peter – showing him exactly how it has helped ease or resolve the global warming issue. 🌝

Now that Peter is pretty much sold on the solution, what marketing mix or combination of factors controlled by you will influence him to make the final call? It might be an incentive program, an easy online sign-up process or ‘sign-on-the-dotted-line’ transaction only.

Whatever it might be, this 5 step conversation optimisation can all happen automatically, without you being present!

DMN Creative can assist you in creating the ideal dialogue and marketing mix to turn conversations into sales! 🎡 Contact us here!