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People and their things

Understanding people and their things (things of course referring to their personal preferences, their feelings, their beliefs and their intents) are important within the marketing sector...Why?  Some people feel that…

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Brands that bite.

It's time to get personal. Personal branding, that is. Branding that represents you. The world seems to be moving towards the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as…

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Is your brand losing its flavour?

As a business owner or start-treprenuer, your first thoughts are most likely how others will perceive your business. It's hard to imagine the growth of your business without a brand,…

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Instagram for Business.

Instagram has made scrolling through posts and tagging users and locations easy, and is becoming increasingly optimal for community-growth. Instagram is arguably one of the most fun social media platforms,…

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Augmented Reality Marketing – GOALS!

We have the great privilege of working on a major campaign, a children's book that is being launched with a custom EdTech Learning Platform, incorporated with Augmented Reality and Marketing.…

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