Ice Models

Brand Management

The Brief

The brief we received was to create a strong and cohesive brand image for ICE Models. Rebranding the logo to better represent the company and the modeling industry. Create brand assets (fonts, colors, imagery) that are consistent with the new logo and brand image. Design a new website that is modern, user-friendly, and represents the new brand image.

Project Overview

+ Brand Strategy
+ Marketing Strategy
+ Website Design
+ Brand Assets


DMN Creative executed the brief by first conducting extensive research on the modeling industry and ICE Models’ competitors to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market and target audience. We then developed a comprehensive brand strategy, including a new brand messaging and positioning, that aligned with the brand personality of sophistication, confidence, and aspiration that ICE Models desired. The team then designed a new logo and brand assets, including fonts and colors, that effectively represented the brand strategy. DMN Creative also designed and developed a modern and user-friendly website, featuring a portfolio section to showcase ICE Models’ models, a news section to keep the audience updated on industry news and events, and a contact form for potential clients. Throughout the process, DMN Creative worked closely with ICE Models to ensure that their vision was reflected in the final outcome and delivered all final files in various formats.