House of Macadamias

Brand Development

The Brief

The process of rebranding for House of Macadamias, a premium macadamia company, involved a comprehensive evaluation of the company’s current brand image, market position, and target audience. The company’s management team, along with a branding expert, conducted focus groups and surveys to gather insights from customers and stakeholders. The results of this research were used to develop a clear understanding of the company’s brand values, strengths, and weaknesses. The new brand was then rolled out across all company materials, including packaging, website, and marketing campaigns, to ensure consistency and clarity of the new brand image. The process of rebranding House of Macadamias was a collaborative effort between the management team and the DMN Creative team, with a focus on understanding the company’s target audience and creating a strong, consistent brand image that reflects the premium quality of their macadamia products.

Project Overview

+Rebrand + Logo development

+ Packaging Design

+ Print Design

+ Brand Photography


DMN Creative worked closely with House of Macadamias to develop a new brand and unique logo that reflects HOM’s premium quality. DMN worked with HOM’s management team to ensure the logo represents the brand effectively and connects with the target audience.